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An Academic Yearbook

If the first two nouns of the title European Meetings in Ethnomusicology stand by themselves, the last one needs to be explained a little bit. Ethnomusicology is, to put it roughly and shortly, the scholarly knowledge, interpretation and explanation of all sorts of traditional, ethnic, rural, urban, ex-rural or rurban, subcultural/marginal, identity-marking music. Therefore, the journal presented here is an academic editorial series treating the musical traditions and socio-cultural connections or associations with music that were formerly, or traditionally, summoned under the name of folk music (and/or musical folklore).

As written on the inside cover of each and every volume: "This periodic collective volume is dedicated, on the one hand, to the intercultural and scholarly dialogue; and, on the other hand, to the idea of communicating this dialogue to and with the entire world. Sticking to professional, academic and exegetical standards, its pages are open to all experts in the various forms of music belonging to any social and ethnic groups. We trust it is as important as necessary that researchers should meet and mutually learn about their exegetic performances, methodological particularities and adequacy, as well as about the collected field materials. This journal relies upon the conviction that the experts' dialogue in ethnomusicology, by means of the writing, represents an important cultural action and a scientific performance with highly humanistic aims and consequences. By means of the ethnomusicology and musical anthropology scholars can try to realize what characterizes or what solidarizes peoples, groups and individuals, what particularizes or what imposes them at the world level, what they do have in common and what is specific to each of them from the creative point of view." In fact, "This journal aims at becoming more and more complex and comprehensive, and its purpose is to succeed in rendering a highly speaking image of the musical and scientific creativity, as of the professional ethnomusicology as well."
Papers considered for publication are reviewed by expert referees.

1st Volume (1994)

3rd Volume (1996)

5th Volume (1998)

7th Volume (2000)

9th Volume (2002)

2nd Volume (1995)

4th Volume (1997)

6th Volume (1999)

8th Volume (2001)