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Marin Marian Balasa
Philip V. Bohlman
Warwick Edwards
Craig Packard
Margaret Beissinger
Jeremy Montagu
Martin Stokes

ISSN 1221-9711
ISSN 1582-5841


Volumes are sent directly, first, to collaborators - writers, referees, reviewers, proofreaders, correctors or advisors; then to various institutions, libraries and individuals that have shown interest in it. For various reasons, supplying and delivering might vary in time. That is why the public announcement specified that, "Since periodicity might vary slightly, our collaborators are asked to stretch their patience and tolerance upon a delay of two-three months around summer or fall - when they should normally receive the journal."

European Meetings in Ethnomusicology circulates among academics, faculties and students interested in the in-depths of folk and traditional musics from allover the world. Yet, it is also a voice addressing itself to all fans and lovers of those musics.

Contact person:

Marin Marian Balasa
Romanian Society for Ethnomusicology
Institute of Ethnography and Folklore
Str. Tache Ionescu 25
010353 Bucharest