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Editorial Policy

In time the policy of the EME has crystallized itself as being that of… having no policy. No universal rules, requirements, length limits, or format principles should be imposed on or requested from authors, just a layout framework into which all texts be processed. Otherwise, EME's policy has been to respect all stylistic features be they very individualized, original, personal, and to avoid all standardization. The only terms has been that all such particular peculiarities should demonstrate vivid, working, sharp brains behind, or consciously and purposely implied modes of expression, and thus representing free choices. Reason for which those possible licenses have had to be consequent and unequivocal. Therefore authors have been just asked to use - if ever - the same original/atypical features and elements (in orthography, signs, syntax, abbreviations, punctuation, patterns and styles) all their articles long. If propositions and principles have been suggested, also occurring liberties have been tolerated.

The internal structure of each volume has been built up by itself; chapters or topical sections have not been imposed or requested beforehand, but rather identified from the materials received. ("Do not work on orders, follow your academic demon, and you will see that whatever you will produce will miraculously fit in the EEME", it was once written to a collaborator.) Thus, also the number of pages varied from volume to volume.